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Ergh I've spent the last 2 days feeling like someone's beaten 7 shades of shit out of me, so I've not been to work. I ache, I'm coughing so much its pulled all the muscles in my stomach, my chest feels really tight which makes me feel a bit breathless and faint, and my throat hurts. Thank God for antibiotics is all I can say!! And curses on David for sharing his germs with me........ He could have stayed away and not infected me, but I missed him too much =) So I suppose it's partly my fault, not that I would ever admit that to him of course!!

I broke my CD player. It was being difficult, and in my sick and feverish state I broke it (it really hurt my hand as well.......). But never mind, I'm sure I won't really miss it anyway, it's not like I ever really used it, except when I wanted music when I was in the bath. Although in the process of opening it to retrieve my CD's, I smashed the Rachel Stevens CD that was in there..... Again no big deal!!

I should really go to work tomorrow, they must be so short-staffed without Melissa this week.... Although the temp started yesterday, so maybe it's not so bad....... Oh well, only tomorrow and Friday to do, and it'll be the weekend so yay!!

I want David to come over. He's at Neil's helping him with his car atm. I really do miss him when he's not here. It's kind of scary, I didn't honestly know I cared that much!! But it would appear that I do....... Hmmmmmm. He's getting fed up with his mum bitching at him, he wants to move out. There are a few places around here that are bills included, it's immensely tempting...... But we've only been together 2 months for crying out loud, so I don't know why I'm even contemplating it....... It's his fault, when we were staying with Vicki and Vix in Canterbury the other weekend, David was like yeh I can imagine us living in a place like this...... It hadn't crossed my mind til then!! Oh I don't know, maybe I'll think about it after Xmas..... But I need to save money up to go see Dan........ And Auntie Tina...... and David wants to go see his friend Richard in New Zealand........ Oh I don't know!!

Fuck it!!


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