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2008 so far

I've been so bad at updating lately, I'd like to say it's because I've been busy - I haven't. I'm just lazy

New Years Eve kind of sucked - it was ok, but I've had better nights. Just went out pubbing it in Staines with Hannah, her boyfriend Andy, and her friend from College, Laura (who I vaguely remember). But halfway through the night, Laura was really insistent we go for a joint down by the river. Which would be fine on any other boring night, I'm usually up for a smoke (note - if I don't smoke that joint I've got rolled upstairs soon it will be vile) but I mean it was New Years Eve for crying out loud. Plus it was raining, and I'd spent ages straightening my hair, which really pissed me off, because it was no longer straight. But she was so insistent on it, like she couldn't get through the evening without it. Which was a bit scary to be honest. But we eventually went to the Hobgoblin, which had much more life than the Phoenix had had, but not so much that it was packed to the rafters and you couldn't get a drink. At midnight I spent time on the phone to my Mum, David (he was working) and Dan. It was quite funny, Dan being in New York, because when it was midnight here it was only 7pm there, I was like oh you're so last year Dan!! Hehehehe

I finally told David I loved him. I told him on New Years Day when I saw him. It felt good to say it at last. I haven't seen him since last Saturday though =( We had lunch with Jo and James (they came to Staines) but then in the afternoon he had to disappear because he was working in the evening. Monday he was sleeping, Tuesday he was doing something in Guildford for Rex, Wednesday his Grandad got taken into hospital, and he's been there and at his grandparents house ever since I think. His grandad has already had other types of cancer before, but this time he's got bone cancer, which I don't think they can treat at all really =( Its horrible, he's so close to his grandad as well. He's hardly even spoken to me this week, because he's been at the hospital (can't have his phone on) and because he just won't speak to me about it. It's not like I don't understand, I had 5 grandparents originally (don't ask) and I knew them all, I've only got one left now, so I know what it's like. But he won't speak to me about it =( Hopefully I'll see him today or tomorrow, fingers crossed

Works going ok. My contracts been extended til the end of March, and after our meeting with Debbie on Friday about the amount of extra work coming our way, I'm hoping they'll extend it again. They're trying to persuade me I want to go on a 2 day trip to Birmingham for some recruitment/CHRIMSON thing, but I really don't want to. Unless I can persuade David to come, then he can drive me, and we get to stay in a hotel together ;) I'll have to go to this stupid thing during the day, but I presume in the evening we're free to do what we want. We'll see. Apart from that, its all ok

Hoping by the end of this month I can book my flight to New York (if David gives me my 80 quid back) when I get paid. I haven't been on holiday for almost 5 years and dammit this year I'm going! Plus I haven't seen Dan since September, I really do miss him. I wish he could meet David, but David won't come to New York, so I doubt he will until September when he's back in the UK. Unless David's woken up and dumped me by then........ =S


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